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The American Goat Federation works to unify, improve and advance the American goat industry in an effort to assist producers achieve maximum success. AGF represents the interests of more than 150 organizations and thousands of producers engaged in the sustainable production and marketing of goat milk, meat, fiber, breeding stock and grazing services across the United States. The American Dairy Goat Association, American Boer Goat Association and the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers are all members of AGF. Members of AGF can participate in government and research surveys that can affect the goat industry, receive reduced fees for AGF Seminars, and help support various activities of other goat-related organizations. AGF promotes the development of all segments of the goat industry including dairy, meat and fiber, by encouraging sound public policy, enhancing production and marketing of goat products, and promoting research beneficial to our member organizations and all producers. Read More

Mission Statement

The American Goat Federation promotes and facilitates the development of all segments of the goat industry including dairy, meat and fiber, by encouraging sound public policy, enhancing production and marketing of goat products, and promoting research beneficial to our member organizations and all producers.
Approved 1-23-10 Nashville ASI Meeting

Upcoming Events

  • April 29: Langston University Goat Field Day will be held at the Langston University Goat Farm in Oklahoma.Read More
  • May 18-20, 2017: 2017 Small Ruminant Conference will be held at the University of Tennessee Ag Campus in Knoxville, Tennessee. Read More
  • May 20, 2017: Parasite Workshop and FAMACHA Training will be held at the Holloway Ag Building at Langston University in Oklahoma. Read More
  • June 10-17, 2017: American Boer Goat Association National Show will be held in Grand Island, Nebraska. Read More
  • July 8-15, 2017: American Dairy Goat Association National Show will be held at the Alliant Energy Ctr in Madison, Wisconsin. Read More
  • October 23-29, 2017: American Dairy Goat Association 2017 National Convention will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. Read More
  • October 25-28, 2017: National FFA Expo will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana. AGF will be set-up at the expo with info about the goat industry and Scrapie Eradication Program. Read More
  • January 30-31, 2018: 2018 American Goat Federation Annual Meeting and Producers Seminar will be held in San Antonio, Texas. Read More
The American Goat Federation needs your membership and support so we can continue to meet the needs of all producers and relay information about goat producers' concerns and challenges to the USDA and others who make decisions that affect our industry.

Please consider joining AGF, and help us make a difference.

With the exception of a few grants; sponsors, membership fees, and donations fund the programs we provide and the expense of representing the interest of all goat producers in the United States. Whether you are part of an organization with twenty or hundreds of members; or an individual producer; or a business or organization that provides products or services to goat owners....you can make a difference!

Scrapie Eradication Program & Q Fever Education

The American Goat Federation has focused on these two chronic diseases that affect goats because there is no treatment, no vaccination available in the USA and no cure. As part of this effort, AGF has awarded subgrants to several organizations throughout the USA to help educate producers and others about these diseases.

Scrapie is a fatal, degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system of sheep and goats and costs producers over $20 million dollars annual through production losses, increased cost and loss of export revenue because the lack of a comprehensive program to identify diseased goats prevents goat producers from exporting breeding stock and other goat products unless they are enrolled in the voluntary Scrapie Eradication Program.

Q Fever is a highly contagious, chronic disease causing abortion storms in goats, often without any sign of problems before the abortion, and although affected does become immune, they shed the bacteria at high levels particularly during birth in following years. Q Fever is contagious to humans and can be caught just by breathing contaminated air, often miles away from the source.


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