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Assist AGF in Mission Achievement and support of the American Goat Initiative (AGI).



The AGF Advisory Council (Council) was created to aid AGF in gaining insight from the goat industry. The Council will provide strategic advice to the AGF Board on various industry, research, public policy and government trends that may impact the goat industry; direction on planned activities; and assistance with implementation of goals and objectives of AGF.

Dr. Ken Andries [Kentucky]

Animal geneticist and Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture, Communities, and the Environment at Kentucky State University.
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Council members (Advisors) will serve a minimum term of one year and may serve longer terms according to their interest, availability, and the needs of AGF. Advisors receive AGF meeting announcements and other select information, and may attend AGF Board meetings at their discretion and expense. All members of the Council receive a complimentary individual membership in AGF (if they choose affiliate membership, they will receive a discount). Advisors are publicly recognized for their work on the Federation’s website and in appropriate publications and documents.

Dr. Katherine Marshall [Colorado]

Veterinary epidemiologist, Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health-USDA-APHIS-VS.
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Functions of the Council may include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Respond to requests for assistance and information in a timely manner.
  • Identify and assist with grant proposals.
  • Expand diversity of Council in order to better serve all areas of the goat industry.
  • Assist the Federation with improved industry relations.
  • Assist the Federation with marketing ideas and member recruitment.
  • Assist the Federation with educational activities and provide AGF with information about goat-related programs, research, and conferences.
  • Provide information about AGF, AGF materials and industry partner/membership information flyers at seminars, etc. when possible and appropriate.
  • The Council may nominate individual for consideration to serve on the Federation’s Board of Directors.

Linda Campbell [Virginia]

AGF Founding Director
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Call Linda: 540-743-4628
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Dr. Nar Gurung [Alabama]

Director of Goat Education & Research Unit, Tuskegee University.
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2019 GOALS

The goals for 2019 include the following:
  • The Council will elect a chairman who will call for meetings and coordinate activities.
  • The Council will meet quarterly by teleconference or more often as needed to achieve goals and act on scope of work assignments.
  • The Council will work with the Board and recommend membership benefit strategies and when possible assist with member recruitment.
  • Each Advisor will assist with fundraising activities when possible.
  • Each Advisor will attend at least 1 event in their area where they can promote AGF and AGF’s efforts in AGI.

Dr. Nada Nadarajah [Alabama]

Senior Research Fellow in Breeding and Genetics at Auburn University Department of Animal Sciences.
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Call Nada: 334-844-1502
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Dr. An Peischel [Tennessee]

AGF Founding Director. Retired from Tennessee State University, she is a Ph.D. in Range Livestock Nutrition and owns Goats Unlimited.
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Call An: 615-772-7467
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Dr. Steve Hart

Dr. Hart is Goat Extension Specialist at Langston University.  After receiving his doctorate, Dr. Hart worked for the USDA Agricultural Research Service at El Reno, Oklahoma. While at USDA, he collaborated with Langston on some goats studies, and in 1991, Dr. Hart moved to Langston. His current research is investigating goat nutrition and various pastures for dairy and Angora goats. He is also involved in extension goat demonstrations in Oklahoma and Kansas demonstrating the ability of goats to clear brush and weeds, measuring weight gains and the management of goats on these pastures. 

Dr. Reid Redden

Dr. Redden is currently Sheep and Goat Specialist and Assistant Professor at Texas A&M Agrilife Extension.  Before that he was Sheep Specialist at North Dakota State University and he also served as Chairman of the National Sheep Improvement Program.

Dr. Fred Homeyer

Dr. Homeyer, is a retired college professor of Computer Science having taught at the University of Texas-Austin, and Angelo State University-San Angelo for a total of 38 years.  He has been raising South African Boer goats and Dorper sheep for over 20 years.  He is an international Boer goat judge and consultant.




Dr. Frank Pinkerton

Dr. Pinkerton, known to most as the goat man, stepped down from the Advisory Council in 2017 due to health issues. He is one of America's best known writers and speakers on meat goat nutrition, marketing, and management.  After a career as an animal science professor and researcher in the U.S. and Asia, he retired from academia in 1993.  While his current focus is on meat goats, he has extensive experience with dairy and angora goats.  

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