Scrapie & QFever Education Subgrant Program

The Deadline to Apply for a FY20 Sub-grant is February 28, 2021

The American Goat Federation (AGF) offers individual grants to state, regional and national organizations willing to provide information to goat producers about two subjects: 1) why Scrapie Eradication is important, and 2) the threat of Q Fever. These grants are made possible through a cooperative agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS), Veterinary Services (VS). Twenty-five percent of each grant may be used for Q-Fever education.

Any goat organization that can show it will reach a large number of producers and goat owners is welcome to apply for a grant and submit a plan on how they will execute the program. This includes any junior organization whose presentation would be supervised by an adult (there is a specific presentation powerpoint for youth groups). The plan must include an educational component directly related to Scrapie which includes one or more of the following: proper identification, disease identification, testing and brain sampling and the importance and benefits of Scrapie eradication. A maximum of 25% of the awarded funds can also be spent on issues related to Coxiellosis/Q Fever. In addition to the grants, AGF will also offer assistance and PDF information to organizations who wish to provide information to their members and producers.

Outline for Use of Grant Funds: The activities funded under this grant can either be part of a larger seminar with presentations on other topics, or a seminar specifically about Scrapie and Q Fever. The Scrapie Eradication Education Power Point presentation and the separate Q Fever Power Point presentation must be either used as a presentation during a seminar or as a self contained slide show in a public area that attendees can watch at their convenience. AGF will provide flash drives containing information on Scrapie, Q Fever and other resources to distribute to adult (age 16 and up) attendees. The grant is to be used for speaker and travel cost for a knowledgeable expert to talk about scrapie and Q Fever, costs for handouts not provided by AGF, and any other expenses directly associated with providing this seminar, including the provision of simple refreshments. 25% of the grant can be used for the Q Fever portion of the seminar.