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Help the Goat Industry Make Headway in Establishing a Goat Center to Benefit ALL Goat Producers.

In an effort to increase services available to goat industry producers AGF has begun a campaign to gather funding to establish a Goat Center similar to the Sheep Center that serves the sheep industry. Part of that effort is to make the Senate and House Agriculture Committees aware of the needs of the goat industry and ask for their support of our efforts. To help with this effort we are asking goat industry folks to send letters to the members of these committees. If you are willing to help, follow the links to access the form letter and committee member lists.

The American Goat Federation fills the serious need for a national trade association for goat producers. Using the input from its member organizations, AGF jointly develops policy on the industry’s top issues which are then voted on by an industry-wide board. The policies with broad support among producers allow leaders and lobbyists to speak to federal policy makers with one unified voice for the goat industry. As with all livestock industries, animal identification, animal health, promotion and marketing, land management and ownership, export opportunities and import protocols are all high-priority topics for policy.

AGF policy development enables the goat industry to be at the table with federal agencies when rules and regulations are developed. Similarly, when programs are established to support livestock production, the Federation relays the unique needs of goat producers through the policies that have been developed. A unified, national voice for the goat industry is invaluable when interacting with the agencies within the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) – from market collection and national statistics information to ensuring that goats are eligible to participate in new programs and animal protection initiatives. Additionally, there are opportunities to be created with USDA agencies for grazing improvements, wildlife conflict management and water development of livestock. Membership in AGF gives goat producers a voice in the development of public policy and direct input to federal USDA agencies and the U.S. Congress.

Recent Policy Statements

  • AGF Comments on Scrapie in Sheep and Goats Proposed Rule 9 CFR Parts 54 and 79: (12/5/2015) - We are commenting on behalf of the American Goat Federation (AGF).  AGF is the national trade association for the US Goat Industry representing over 90,000 goat producers in the United States.  Please note that several of our comments are made in conjunction with and in support of the ASI comments that are being submitted under […]
  • Resolution Opposing Environmental Assessment for Implementing Southwestern Gray Wolf Management Plan for Portions of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas (4/3/2013) - Resolution rejecting U. S. Fish & Wildlife's Environmental Assessment for the Implementation of a Southwestern Gray Wolf(Canis lupus)Management Plan for Portions of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas WHERAS, in December, 2012, the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) distributed an Environmental Assessment for the Implementation of a Southwestern Gray Wolf Management Plan for Arizona, […]
  • AGF Predator Control Policy Statement: (8/23/2012) - The American Goat Federation (AGF) recognizes that wildlife is a valuable public resource.  We also recognize that wildlife must be managed in a responsible and legal manner to minimize damage to agriculture and private property and to reduce risks to public health and safety. AGF believes in local collaboration for decision making on predator management.  […]

Recent Letters of Support

  • Goat Center Activities (1/16/2018) - Below is a list of those Senators and Representatives who make up their respective committees.  As the House of Representatives has already passed their version of Farm Bill the letter to the Senators on the Senate committee is the most important and we ask that if you can, take time to download the letter and […]
  • Statement of Support – California Specialist in Sheep and Goat Herd Health and Production Position: (7/5/2016) - The American Goat Federation strongly supports this Specialist in Sheep and Goat Herd Health and Production position, and strongly recommends funding and filling this position with the best qualified candidate available. Goat producers face many challenges regarding animal health and welfare, particularly parasite management, and in the determination of accurate nutritional requirements. Additionally, many face […]
  • Research Project Support – Feasibility Study to Explore Increasing Goat Carcasses Size: (6/29/2016) - Mr. Ron Durre Mr. Gamal Zayed Dr. Ken McMillin Dr. Frank Pinkerton RE: Your Value Added Project Proposal Feasibility Study to Explore Increasing Goat Carcasses Size Dear Mr. Durre et al The mission of the American Goat Federation (AGF) is to assist producers and their organizations from all segments of the goat industry, including dairy, […]
  • Statement of Support – Establishing Capacity to Better Serve Hispanic and Spanish Speaking Farmers: (3/20/2016) - TO: Dr. Antonio McLaren, Ed.D., National Program Leader Division of Community and Education, NIFA, USDA 4435 Waterfront Centre 800 9th Street, SW Washington DC 20024 PROPOSAL: Establishing Capacity to Better Serve Hispanic and Spanish Speaking Farmers PROJECT PERSONNEL: Roger Merkel, Terry Gipson, American Institute for Goat Research, Langston University Abner Rodriguez, John Fernandez, University of […]
  • Research Project Support – Determination of Copper, Zinc and Selenium Requirements for Growing Goats: (3/12/2016) - TO:  Dr. Antonio McLaren, Ed.D., National Program Leader Division of Community and Education, NIFA, USDA 4435 Waterfront Centre 800 9th Street, SW Washington DC 20024   PROPOSAL:  Determination of copper, Zinc and Selenium Requirements for Growing Goats sand Identification of Suitable Biomarkers INSTITUTIONS:  Langston University, University of Arkansas, Middle Tennessee State University; Dr. Steve Hart, et al […]
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