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AGF actively supports scientific research that benefits goat industry stakeholders and provides information to goat producers and the general public that help promote the industry and create a better understanding among the general public of what animal agriculture is all about. In addition to keeping goat industry professionals and stakeholders informed about programs, government decisions and events that impact the goat industry, AGF offers services to Individual and Affiliate members free of charge.  Members are asked for their opinions about government plans that affect their operations.  Members can also make requests to congress through the AGF delegation that visits Washington, DC each spring. Members can express interest in being part of the delegation.  Members can attend AGF meetings and serve on AGF Committees.  Members also provide input for the Sheep and Goat Sector meetings with USDA and other government agencies. Whenever AGF receives a survey request from universities, the government, USDA or other groups, members are given the access to the survey in order to respond.  Members also have access to the Members Page of the website where they can view minutes of past meetings, internal memos, plans for future activities and other AGF information.  To view the page members need to contact the office using their email of record when they joined for the password.

FREE Internet Marketing Program for Goats and Goat Products
Showcase your Goats and/or Goat Products here on this site and drive buyers to your sales page on your site. Sign up and you will be contacted with information on how to get this done.You can also sell your goats at Click on the AGF/ logo sign up. While you must be a member of AGF to have your products showcased here, you do not have to be a member of AGF to sell goats on However, If you are a current AGF member:

  • Your Goatzz Farm information will be shown on the AGF Goat Products Sales page
  • Your Goatzz Farm Information will be included in showcases that periodically appear on the AGF Facebook Page

Excel-based Record Keeping, Production, Information & Performance Management Tool
Meets Scrapie ID & Recordkeeping Requirements

The original GHIP program was developed by Dr. Ken Andries, past President of AGF and member of the AGF Advisory Council. Dr. Andries is Associate Dean, College of Agriculture, at Kentucky State University. The GHIP-AGF program has been modified and enhanced by AGF and Dr. Andries for easier input of data and use by producers. Items were added to meet the recordkeeping requirements for the Mandatory Scrapie Eradication Program. AGF-GHIP is free to all AGF Individual and Affiliate Members and will be personalized to each producer for ease of use. The program will be made available on paper also, if requested.
The Herd Data sheet is where information is entered.

Information for breeding does and bucks can be transferred from the Treatment Record to the Herd Data Sheet in the "Goat Comments" column to become part of the permanent record.
Before being sent to the Member this sheet will be adjusted to only show those weaning days they wish to collect weights for.

Producers have the option of keeping the data, or of recording data and sending it in to be evaluated by Dr. Andries, who will perform adjustments and return summary sheets to the producer. All files sent in to be summarized go directly to Dr. Andries and the information is not shared with anyone else, besides the producer. Those Summary Sheets will include:

  • Birth and weaning weight adjusted for type of birth/rearing, sec, and age of dam
  • Weaning weight adjusted to a 90 day standard
  • Birth and weaning weight performance ratio
  • Dam summary showing number of kids born/weaned, and total actual and adjusted birth and weaning weight for each doe.
  • If sire ID has been provided, a sire summary with average actual and adjusted birth and weaning weights for each sire used and number of kids he sired at birth and weaning.

Over time information on overall averages and ranges will be provided to help the producer evaluate their herd.




Upgrade to go 360 and and receive a Discounted price on this comprehensive, all-inclusive record keeping and performance program.

As an added service to AGF Members when they upgrade to go360 Goat BioTrack, producers who are using the Free GHIP-AGF program can email their data sheets to AgSights to be imported into go360 Goat BioTrack, so all of their information will be there.
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