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AGF is focused on the enhancement of marketing and promotion of goat products.

The first phase consists of collecting information about value-added marketing being done by our members, and publishing that information on this page.

The second phase consists of researching additional value-added marketing opportunities that goat producers can pursue, and providing information about how to take advantage of these opportunities.

The third phase is to create informational presentations that explain what grant and loan opportunities are available, as well as provide training sessions on how to successfully apply for grants.


  • Raising Surplus Dairy Goat Kids for the Slaughter Market - by Dr. Frank Pinkerton Raising Surplus Dairy Goat Kids for the Slaughter Market Preface The current U. S. demand for goat meat is near insatiable; imports are furnishing about 45% of supply. Drought and other factors have sharply reduced breeding stock numbers; accordingly, there has been increasing interest in raising dairy goat kids to 50-70 […]
  • Management Influences on Break-Even Price/Pound of Slaughter Kids - by Dr. Frank Pinkerton Introduction The paramount obstacle to increasing goat numbers is enterprise profitability. Accordingly, it is the purpose of this presentation to describe the three essential factors affecting the profitability of meat goat enterprises. There are a number of traditional ways to undertake partial or complete business enterprise analyses, but, for goat producers, […]
  • Fundamentals of Marketing Meat Goats and Goat Meat - by Dr. Frank Pinkerton Marketing Channels for Goats and Meat A marketing channel describes the chain of events necessary to move goats from producers to consumers. At each event, a player performs one or more functions. Each function engenders gross, and net, incomes for the activity performed. Producers grow slaughter goats many ways, but, as […]


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