The American Goat Federation provides members with opportunities to participate in national surveys that affect the goat industry and support research that is beneficial to goat producers and owners. Members are kept informed about events in the goat world and news from our organization members. With the exception of a few grants; Membership Fees, Sponsorships, and Donations fund all of the activities we conduct as well as the expense of representing the interests all goat producers.
If you would like to donate to AGF, we appreciate that very much! No amount is too small, and your support helps us work for the goat industry!
The Membership Year runs from March 1 to the last day of February, and the Membership Levels are shown below.
Individual Membership: $30.00/year
Includes individuals, sole proprietorships, farm partnerships, and family farms or ranches.  Individuals who are members of AGF Member Organizations, only pay a $20.00/year.  The list of current organization members is included on the membership application below.
Affiliate Membership: $100.00/year
This category includes agribusiness, privately-held corporations, partnerships, llcs, commodity organizations, and universities or agencies. In addition, those listed above in the Individual Membership category can choose the Affiliate Membership and provide additional financial support for AGF activities. Affiliate members are listed on the home page of the website and if provided, links to their websites are included.
Supporting Membership: $500.00/year
Includes a banner ad in the AGF E-Newsletter during the  year of membership, and a link to their website on the members page of the AGF site.  This category is for any of the above who wish to contribute extra to support AGF activities.
ORGANIZATION MEMBERSHIP fees are based on the number of their active members on the date they join, or the date of renewal, and are due and payable with the application. Members of Organization Members can join AGF as Individual Members for a reduced fee of $20.00.
Level 1 Organization Membership: $150.00/year ++++Organizations with less than 100 members

Level 2 Organization Membership: $300.00/year ++++Organizations with 100 to 249 members

Level 3 Organization Membership: $600.00/year ++++Organizations with 250 to 499 members

Level 4 Organization Membership: $850.00/year ++++Organizations with 500 to 999 members

Level 5 Organization Membership: $1,200.00/year +++Organizations with 1,000 or more members

Supporting Organizations

Organizations interested in providing additional financial support for AGF activities may join as SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS. In addition to the Regular Organization Membership benefits, active members of Supporting Organizations are automatically made Individual AGF members.

Any organization interested in joining at a Supporting Organization level can do so by following this link:

Become a Supporting Organization

To Join - Complete and Submit this Form: Submit. You will be sent to the Payment page to select your Membership Level and make your Payment.

NOTE: Organizations who choose to join at the supporting level must follow the link under Supporting Organizations in order to complete their information and Join.

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