Why Should You Care About Scrapie


The American Goat Federation (AGF) offers individual grants to state, regional and national organizations willing to provide information to goat producers about two subjects: 1) why Scrapie Eradication is important, and 2) the threat of Q Fever. These grants are made possible through a cooperative agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS), Veterinary Services (VS). Twenty-five percent of each grant may be used for Q-Fever education. Any goat organization that can show it will reach a large number of producers and goat owners is welcome to apply for a grant and submit a plan on how they will execute the program.

Applications are accepted each Fall beginning in November and successful applicants are notified following the AGF Annual Meeting at the end of January. Announcement of the 2019 Program will be made on the AGF Website, Facebook Page, Newsletter, and in goat related publications willing to publicize the program.

More Information and an Application Form:

2017 USDA-APHIS Update on Scrapie

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by learning about Scrapie.
The most recent case of Scrapie in goats was reported in FY 2014. There have been no cases of Scrapie in goats reported in 2016. Most goat producers do not know about the Scrapie Program and identifying Scrapie, proper animal identification and testing for the disease, as well as the effect it has on their ability to market their goats. Since there is no cost-effective live test for Scrapie in goats, testing post-mortem is critical in finding and eliminating the disease. According to the USDA VS, The United States is in a position to be declared Scrapie free by the World Health Organization, but in order to achieve that status; we must be able to prove to the world that we have conducted testing in all sheep and goat populations. Cooperation from producers and up-chain processors is essential to eradicating Scrapie.
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