American Meat Goat Association [AMGA]

The American Meat Goat Association was formed in January, 1992 by Tom and Debbie Carter and Stan and Kay Keen in Mertzon, Texas. The need for an association of people interested in meat goats had been discussed among producers for some time. With the previous five years showing steady to increasing prices for meat goats at the market and consumer interest at an all time high, the time was right to organize.
The purpose of AMGA was to promote meat goats as a viable source of long-term, stable income in agricultural operations; to establish group breeding plans for the improvement of meat goats; and to enhance consumer demand at the retail level.
  • Educate the general public about the rold and uses of meat goats in American agriculture.
  • Promote environmentally respoinsible uses of grazing land.
  • Explore long-term markets at home and abroad.
  • Encourage and help facilitate direct marketing strategies by the producer.
  • Promote goat meat in the supermarket by helping to facilitate the development of high quality, lean, value-added products.
  • Promote goat meat as an acceptable meat product from both a cuisine and health aspect in restaurants and hotels.
  • Promote and encourage meat goats as a recognized class in 4-H and FFA livestock shows.
  • Establish uniformity in meat goat judging by providing a list of available AMGA certified meat goat judges.
  • Provide educational information on the principles of selection for increased reproduction and weight gain.
  • Offer opportunities for the purchase of high quality breeding stock through Association sanctioned sales.