AGF Committees

Education Committee

  Katherine Klug, Texas
  Lou Maring, Missouri
  Anita Dahnke

The education function of the American Goat Federation is carried out within the guidelines of the by-laws and policy positions of the Federation. AGF organizes and supports forums to provide interpretive reviews of updated information from research, demonstration and educational endeavors of its own making or that of partners. These forums allow AGF membership to access more clarity in animal and enterprise management practices and product marketing options which will make optimum use for natural resources and support sustainable enterprises which operate at a profit.

  • The American Goat Federation Education Committee reviews available educational opportunities offered by reliable sources and makes that information available via the AGF website, social media and newsletter.
  • The committee maintains active contact with universities with goat-related centers and resources and makes that information available via the AGF website, social media and newsletter.
  • The committee develops educational presentations for local, state and national groups and meetings.
  • The committee develops and publishes flyers to provide at programs and seminars conducted by AGF and others.
  • The committee coordinates with the AGF Marketing Committee to increase awareness of goat consumer products and to educate the general public as to the value of industry products.
  • The committee coordinates with the AGF Member Services Committee to insure that members receive necessary information and produce member information flyers as needed.
  • AGF recognizes the importance of collecting and utilizing data to enhance production through genetic selection. The committee provides information about the free AGF-GHIP program as well as others available to AGF members at discount.
  • The committee will work in conjunction with the AGF Research Committee towards developing standardized procedures where the need exists.

As part of our education activities AGF provides links to reliable resources for both novice and experienced goat producers. To view the Educational information and Resources we have included visit our Resources Page: Resources

Marketing Committee

  Dr. Frank Pinkerton (Co-Chair)
  Anita Dahnke (Co-Chair)
  Kenny Elwood

Marketing activities are crucial to the growth and health of any industry, but particularly an industry such as the goat industry where few resources are available compared to those provided to other species of livestock in the United States. AGF actively searches for additional value-added marketing opportunities and refers calls requesting access to goat-related products to our appropriate member association for provision of the opportunity to their members.

As a companion activity to marketing, AGF works to increase production of goat products and improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness so producers can make a profit in their operations, whether it be meat, dairy, or fiber, or one of the ancillary industries including brush control and pack goat services.

  • The AGF Marketing Committee works to develop an integrated marketing/transportation availability to goat producers in order to provide an economical path to product supply.
  • The committee works to increase consumer awareness of locally grown goat products whether fiber, dairy, or meat and services such as pack goats, targeted grazing, and vegetation improvement. It is critical for the industry to grow its position in retail and its market share as a source of healthy, versatile, easy and flavorful options for consumers.
  • The committee works actively to connect slaughter house inquiries for goats with goat producers.
  • The committee works to enhance demand within the various markets throughout the goat industry by targeting key markets to increase sales beyond traditional consumer utilization.
  • The committee works actively to explore and encourage establishment of a broader availability of slaughter facilities for goats.
  • The committee works with members to show them how to make use of the free internet marketing platform and coordinates with the AGF Board of Directors to promote, and showcase as appropriate, goat products at events where AGF exhibits.
  • The committee works with member organizations and others to encourage economical production of products that can be marketed to consumers.
  • The committee reviews and provides useful information to the industry about various retail sales techniques and market trends.

Member Services Committee


Members are crucial to the well being of the Federation. In addition to serving and representing producers in all segments of the goat industry, AGF has a special duty to provide services to members that educate, provide information to assist with marketing and profitability of their operations, and keep them informed about laws and legislative actions that can affect them.

  • The AGF Member Services Committee works to expand membership, oversees maintenance of the membership database and establishes procedures for registering new members, membership renewals and provision of information to members.
  • The committee recommends materials to be included in membership packets, and coordinates communication with current and potential members via the AGF website, Facebook Page, print media and the internet.
  • The committee looks for opportunities to present information about the value of membership in the American Goat Federation at general meetings of industry associations and events, and makes sure information is provided and follow-up reports from the association or event is received.
  • The committee works in conjunction with the Education Committee to develop and keep on hand flyers, and to maintain the member services section of the AGF website.

Public Policy Committee


  Tammy Fisher

The American Goat Federation fills the serious need for a national trade association for goat producers. Using the input from its member organizations, AGF jointly develops policy on the industry’s top issues which are then voted on by an industry-wide board. The policies with broad support among producers allow leaders and lobbyists to speak to federal policy makers with one unified voice for the goat industry. As with all livestock industries, animal identification, animal health, promotion and marketing, land management and ownership, export opportunities and import protocols are all high-priority topics for policy.

  • AGF is the strategic uniting voice of the Goat industry and the sentinel of public policies impacting our stakeholders.
  • The committee has developed a public policy target summary for initiatives and programs impacting all elements of the industry and solicits input from member organizations, individual members, and stakeholders to identify critical public policy initiatives needed within the industry.
  • The committee actively works to educate public government officials and decision makers.
    1. The Committee collects information from members and stakeholders about industry needs that are affected by legislative and other decisions, and makes that information available to the Board Members who participate in the annual spring visit to Congress.
    2. The Committee keeps track of USDA initiatives that affect the goat industry and makes information to Board Members who represent the goat industry at the USDA Stakeholder meetings.
    3. The Committee brings state and local issues that affect the goat industry to the attention of the AGF Board.
  • The committee is responsible for maintaining a formal protocol for a working relationship with the American Sheep Industry Association to continue a combined effort to support ASI initiatives that will benefit the goat industry as well as the sheep industry where appropriate and valuable to both.

Research Committee

  Randy Dusek

The research function of the American Goat Federation (AGF) is carried out within the guidelines of the by-laws and policy positions of the Federation. The Federation makes recommendations to influence the research agenda of land grant universities, USDA agricultural research service and other institutions or agencies to focus on biological, economic and social issues that impact on efficient production and profitable marketing of goat milk, meat, fiber and vegetation control services, as well as the safety of animal products.

  • The American Goat Federation Research Committee reviews research on a national level and provides valuable input to both AGF and AGI regarding the direction and urgency of specific areas of research within the Industry.
  • The Committee maintains active contact with sister organization American Goat Initiative and maintains and updates a plan for ongoing contact with universities with active goat-related centers and resources in order to develop and promote needed research projects beneficial to the U.S. goat industry.
  • The Committee works with land grant universities to find and review completed research projects that offer useful information to the goat industry and coordinates with the Education Committee to make that information available on the AGF website and other appropriate venues.
  • AGF recognizes the importance of collecting and utilizing data to enhance production through genetic selection. The committee searches for projects involving genetic selection research activities.
  • The Committee forwards requests for letters of support to the AGF Executive Director for review and presentation to the Board for action. The Committee communicates the willingness of AGF to provide letters of support for those research projects that have the potential to benefit the goat industry.
  • The committee works in conjunction with the AGF Education Committee towards developing standardized procedures where the need exists.
  • The Committee conducts routine reviews of USDA and other government agency grant opportunities that relate to research projects and can be applied to goat industry needs, and presents those to the AGF Board and the AGI Trustees for consideration and possible pursuit.

AGF actively supports research projects that will benefit the goat industry by writing letters of support and giving input to researchers who request assistance from the federation. Research Supported by AGF