2016 Producers’ Seminar

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, Scottsdale Arizona.

Seminars offered to all small ruminant producers free-of-charge as a service from the American Goat Federation and our Seminar Sponsors.
Tom Boyer, past President and current AFG Director, owner of TVB Management a consulting and appraisal firm serving agriculture worldwide.
Welcome and Introductions of Speakers and Attendees
Glen Fisher, former AGF Director and American Sheep Industry Association President
The Future of AGF and Service to the Goat Industry
Dr. G.W. Kennedy, from Pipestone Veterinary Services
The New Regulations on Antibiotic Use in Livestock and Their Effect on Goat Production
Dr. Diane Sutton, senior staff veterinarian at USDA/APHIS/VS, and National Scrapie Program Coordinator
New Scrapie Eradication Program Regulations
Dr. Ken Andries, AGF Director and Assistant Professor and Animal Sciences Specialist Kentucky State University
Current Availability of EPD/EVD Programs for Small Ruminants - presented with Dr. Pinkerton.
Dr. Frank Pinkerton, aka the Goat Man and well known speaker on meat goat nutrition, marketing, and management
Current Availability of EPD/EVD Programs for Small Ruminants - presented with Dr. Andries.
Matthew Hayes, Superior Livestock Buyer and AGF Director
Panel Discussion on Marketing Opportunities
Other Panel Participants: Tom Boyer and Dr. Frank Pinkerton
Mrs. Corlena Patterson, National Scrapie Coordinator at Scrapie Canada - Executive Director of the Canadian Sheep Federation - Canadian Meat Goat Association representative
Canadian Regulations and Their Effect Marketing Breeding Stock to Canada
Anita Dahnke, owner of ATD Stuff Consulting Service and Executive Director of AGF
Writing Successful Grant Applications