2012 AGF Activities

January 25-28 2012: Scottsdale Arizona: American Sheep Industry: AGF Board members Tom Boyer, Linda Campbell, Will Getz and Pierce Miller attended meetings and programming for ASI. Getz is a Board member for ASI and Miller is past ASI President.

January 25 2012: Scottsdale Arizona: American Sheep and Goat Center (ASGC): AGF and ASGC Board Member Linda Campbell attended the final meeting of the ASGC. Upon ceasing operation, ASGC granted funds to AGF and ASI.

January 25 2012: Scottsdale Arizona: National Sheep Industry Improvement Center (NSIIC): AGF and NSIIC Board member, Linda Campbell attended the NSIIC Board meeting. AGF President Tom Boyer also attended the meeting and provided comments on behalf of AGF, urging the NSIIC Board to consider providing grant funding for more goat projects in 2012.

January 28 2012: Scottsdale Arizona: American Goat Federation: AGF Board members Sam Abney (AL), Tom Boyer (UT), Steve Burton (UT), Linda Campbell (VA), Jan Carlson (CA), Anita Dahnke (IN), Dr. Gil R. Engdahl (TX), Dr. Will R. Getz (GA), Pierce Miller (TX), Mary Pryde (CA), attended the annual meeting of AGF and began work on a strategic plan, received updates from various USDA speakers, and also conducted business of the Assocation, including election of officers.

February 27 2012: Washington DC: APHIS Stakeholder Meeting: AGF Board members Linda Campbell and Robin Saum attended a webinar held by APHIS to discuss the Agency's budget, process improvement efforts, and modernization initiatives where stakeholders were given the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on the Agency's critical services. Subsequently, AGF submitted written comments.

February 2012: Kansas City Missouri: Q Fever Working Group: AGF President Tom Boyer participated in a meeting to discuss Q Fever impacts and work towards developing a plan for addressing concerns of the sheep and goat industries. The committee consists of Public health or state veterinarians, two academic Coxiella researchers, USDA small ruminant epidemiologist, and a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Coxiella specialist who is also a veterinarian, along with three industry representatives; one from the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, one from the ASI and one from the AGF.

March 26-29 2012: Denver Colorado: National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA): AGF President Tom Boyer and Vice President Linda Campbell attended the annual NIAA meeting. Boyer made a presentation on "Lack of Approved Pharmacetics Restrains US Goat Industry" See Here Campbell is also a Board member of NIAA.

April 21 2012: Piedmont South Carolina: 2012 Southeastern Goat and Sheep Seminar: AGF Board Member Dr. Will Getz attended the meeting and made several presentations and served on a discusison panel, and had AGF information available.

April 28 2012: Langston Oklahoma: Langston University: AGF President Tom Boyer made a presentation about AGF and the US Goat Industry:

April 30-May 2 2012: Washington DC: AGF Board members Tom Boyer and Gil Enghdal met with agency representatives and legislators to present goat producer concerns and issues....

June 11-16 2012: Duncan Oklahoma: American Boer Goat Association National Show: AGF Board members attended the Show and had a display available.

July 7-24 2012: Loveland Colorado: American Dairy Goat Association National Show: AGF Board members Jan Carlson attended and had a display.

September 23-27 2012: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain): 11th International Conference on Goats sponsored by the International Goat Association. Board member Will Getz attended.

September 25-27 2012: Nashville Kentucky: NSIIC Grant Meeting: AGF and NSIIC Member Linda Campbell and Executive Secretary Steve Lee attended the meeting. AGF was awarded a grant, pending confirmation from USDA.

October 7-12 2012: Des Moines Iowa: National Goat Expo: AGF Board Member Anita Dahnke attended the event and had a display available.

October 13-20 2012: Boise Idaho: American Dairy Goat Association Annual Meeting: AGF Board Members Linda Campbell and Robin Saum attended the meeting and had brochures available.

November 15-17 2012: Louisville: AGF Board meeting. Board members Tom Boyer, Linda Campbell, Will Getz, Jan Carlson, Anita Dahnke and Sam Abney attended the meeting. The main agenda item was the development of a Strategic Plan.