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  • Goatscaping has grown in popularity in recent years as an environmentally friendly way to clear overgrown lots. Covid-19 has boosted the demand. Goats can be on the job during lockdowns. Ms. Thompson turned to goats after New York City’s spring restrictions forced the park’s usual group of volunteers to stay home and left it full of weeds. Read More
  • Kansas State Univesity teams up with Boehringer Ingelheim to invest in the future of veterinary medicine Read More
  • Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has developed a network project to aid rural veterinary practices. The network will provide education and assistance with a goal of making rural veterinary practices sustainable. Read More
  • Bill Introduced to reform USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Read More
  • The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service delisted the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List for the second time in October and the action became effective earlier this month. The wolf was delisted before, but was returned to the list in 2014 by a federal judge as a result of pressure from environmental groups. The action by federal wildlife officials was praised by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the National Association of Conservation Districts, and the American Farm Bureau.
  • The California Bureau of Land Management is again using goats to knock down dry weeds, brush and grass in an effort to reduce fire hazards. The goats arrived last October and will be working through Spring, 2021.Read More
  • Sheep, Goat, and Cervid Medicine, 3rd Edition by Dr. David Pugh N. (Nickie) Baird Misty Edmondson and Thomas Passler
    contains practical answers on the care of sheep, goats, and cervids. It covers the latest advances in the field, including diseases and medical treatment, surgery, pain management, theriogenology, and nutrition. Read More
  • Secretary Perdue Announces Groundbreaking Proposal to Transfer Agricultural Animal Biotechnology Regulatory Framework to USDA Read More
  • The Tennessee Department of Agriculture announced on Thursday that it has received a $250,000 federal grant to help develop a rapid field test for two highly contagious livestock diseases, Senecavirus A and the virus that causes foot-and-mouth disease. Read More
  • Reproductive Performance in Goats in Australia Read the Study
  • the 2020 United States Animal Health Association resolutions are now available online. Read More
  • Case of Scrapie Confirmed in North Iceland Read More
  • National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program (NADPRP) 2020 Projects: View
  • National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) 2020 Projects: View
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