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As you look for products for your goat operation, please consider these folks.

Industry Partners make it possible for AGF to:
  • Visit Congress, the USDA and other agencies in Washington DC each Spring to present goat producers' concerns.
  • Support National Wildlife Services and other agencies that benefit goat producers and the industry.
  • Attend the quarterly APHIS Sheep & Goat Sector Meetings and the in-person meeting in the Fall each year to insure that the goat industry is receiving attention and producers needs and concerns are heard.
  • Provide Webinars and Producers Seminars on industry building, health care, production management and other helpful information to support and grow the goat industry.
  • Offer Outreach Services to producers and collect their opinions on what is needed to aid growth of the US Goat Industry.


Mr. Stan Potratz
Stan Potratz and his wife both grew up on small (by today’s standards) Iowa farms. Their parents had gardens, chickens, pigs, cows and sheep. Stan's father switched to "organic" in the 1950s—40 years before "organic" was either popular or profitable. Stan spent his last two college years in England. After graduation (1969), he managed the college’s organic farm. They raised beef and dairy cattle, chickens, (as many as 1,200 hens), sheep, vegetables and soft fruit for the college’s kitchen. In 1977, he returned from England to the small Iowa family farm and decided to raise commercial lambs. He discovered that the excellent equipment he had used in England wasn’t available in the USA. So he imported enough for his family's use. Word spread. Soon they were supplying products nationwide. It’s now a business with 48 employees. and CEO.


At Purina, we know goats have specific nutritional needs and requirements.
Unlike commodity blends fed to multiple animals, Purina’s feed is research-tested and unique to goats, formulated to optimize production and help producers achieve their operational goals. More about Purina 


DISCOUNT available for AGF Individual and Affiliate Members.Go360 bioTrack – On-Farm: 1. Easy on-farm data collection. 2. Fully mobile and able to operate while disconnected form internet service. 3. Supported by “farm-friendly” staff. 4. Data security, including ADT certification (one of only three Canadian companies). 5. Award winning technology (Ontario Premier’s Award, Saskatchewan AgTech)
bioLinks – Beyond the Farm Gate: 1. Easy data collection for agri-food businesses. 2. Documents local products. 3. Inventory, sales and processing options. 4. Supported by “ag business friendly” staff. 5. Award winning technology (Ontario Premier’s Award).
Genetic evaluations: 1. Long time clients include: Province of Quebec and Leachman Cattle of Colorado. 2. First to develop an ABC (Across Breed Comparison) genetic evaluation for beef cattle. 3. Link to national sheep genetic evaluations. 4. In-house meat goat evaluations.
Research and Development: 1. Strong support from Ontario farm organizations. 2. Over $6 million in past ten years. 3. Development of data capture systems and beef Genomics.More about AgSights

Stan Potratz began Premier 1 Supply when he discovered that the excellent equipment he had used in England wasn’t available in the USA. So he imported enough for his family's use. Word spread. Soon they were supplying products nationwide. Premier 1 is now a business with 48 employees.More about Premier 1

At Allflex, we’re committed to helping people in the livestock industry use individual animal identification as a management tool. As the pace of the livestock industry accelerates, the need for accurate information gathered quickly, is increasingly important. Our challenge is to continually bring products, services and advice to the industry that create workable solutions in real-life conditions.
Allflex is the world leader in design, technology, manufacturing and delivery of animal identification for traceability systems across all production. We bring cutting-edge, practical applications of visual, electronic and radio frequency animal identification technology to livestock industries across the world, contributing to a safer global food supply. More about Allflex
FREE Listing on the AGF Goat Products Page as well as on for AGF Individual and Affiliate members.GoatZZ and the AGF Goat Products Page provides a market place for AGF Individual and Affiliate members to sell their goats and products, and for the general public and other producers to buy goats and goat products.
Goatzz exists to support the success of the family goat farm by providing easy, affordable online marketing services — all under one roof. Goatzz offers free national goat and goat product listings, website hosting, herd health software, and more. More about GoatZZ

Huber Ag Equipment’s goal is to provide innovative and practical solutions to help livestock producers increase efficiency with less stress for the livestock as well as the producer. Owners Marlin and Myrna Huber have had goats for many years. One of the products directed to the goat industry is the Combi Clamp handling system that allows you to trim feet, vaccinate, weigh, sort and more. Other items of interest are the Heatwave milk warmer for kids, the Jug Waterer which provides clean fresh water for every animal as well as other feeding and handling equipment. More about Huber Ag Equip


Colorado Serum Company ---

More about Colorado Serum

Crowd Goat ---

More about Crowd Goat
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