Disease & Parasites

Chronic Diseases in Goats

Coxiellosis,Commonly Referred to as Q Fever
  Q Fever is a highly contagious, chronic disease in goats, sheep and cattle. Q Fever is contagious to humans and that puts livestock producers, veterinarians and others who come into contact with birthing small ruminants at risk. In addition, anyone can become infected just by breathing contaminated air, often miles away from the source.       Learn More

Johne's (pronounced: “YO-knees”)
  Johne's is a fatal gastrointestinal disease of goats and other ruminants (including cattle, sheep, elk, deer, and bison). It is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP). There is no cure and there is no vaccine available in the United States.      Read More


  Scrapie is a fatal disease of goats and sheep, similar to BSE (Mad Cow Disease) in cattle. There is no cure and there is no vaccine.

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