Dr. Fred Homeyer

Dr. Fred C. Homeyer is a retired professor of Computer Science having taught at the University of Texas at Austin and Angelo State University at San Angelo, Texas for a total of 38 years. He has been raising South African Boer goats and Dorper sheep at his Antelope Creek Ranch in Robert Lee, Texas for over 20 years.. He lacked one college course attending medical school and as a result goat health and goat medicine are primary interests. He receives emails from around the world on goat health issues every month.

He is an international Boer goat judge having traveled around the world ten times judging Boer goats and presenting seminars about goats and goat raising. Dr. Homeyer has judged more than 20,000 animals at over 130 Boer goat shows in numerous countries around the world, including National Shows in Brazil, Austria, Germany, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada, Australia, England, Barbados, Bermuda, New Zealand and Jamaica. He was the first American to judge Boer goats in Australia when he judged the RNA Queensland Royal Show in 2006 and again in 2008 in Brisbane, Australia. He has judged many Boer goat shows in the United States including shows in over 35 states. Dr. Homeyer is the only person certified as a Boer goat judge by all three Boer Goat Associations in the U.S. (ABGA, IGBA and USBGA). Dr. Homeyer also holds the designation of International Boer Goat Judge for Brazil presented by ABCBoer (Brazilian Boer Goat Association) in 2008. He taught a Breeders Workshop and South African Boer Goat Judging School in New South Wales, Australia with the South African who judged the Australian National Show in 2010 and is the only American that has taught a South African judging school with a South African. He has taught Boer Goat Judging Schools to Brazilian judges and Mexican judges. Dr. Homeyer includes a significant amount of educational information about Boer goats in the shows that he judges. In 2015 he will judge and steward at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in Sydney, Australia in March and in June he will judge the second Boer goat Show ever held in England and in September he will be the livestock judge at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, Alaska where he will judge several breeds of livestock including caribou.

Dr. Homeyer has raised and shown several national champion Boer goats in the United States including the 1997 National Champion and Reserve Champion Percentage Boer Bucks and the 2002 National Reserve Champion Percentage Boer Doe. He is the only Boer goat breeder to have won the American Boer Goat Association National Premier Boer Goat Breeder Award for both percentage Boer bucks (1997 ABGA National Show) and percentage Boer does (2002 ABGA National Show). Dr. Homeyer imported the famous Tarzan T66 Boer buck from Australia in 2002 and continues to line breed this bloodline at his ranch in Texas.

Recognized around the world for his knowledge and expertise of Boer goats, Dr. Homeyer has attended National Championships in South Africa and Australia as well as visited Brazil 9 times, Australia 5 times, Germany twice, Austria twice and South Africa twice. He has also given seminars on Boer goats in England as a guest of the British Boer Goat Society and in Germany as a guest of the European Boar Goat Association that includes members from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland. His most recent trips in 2014 were to judge a regional Boer goat show in Cairns, Australia and a trip to England where he traveled over 1,000 miles in four days in trains and cars visiting several farms and presenting Breeders Workshops at each farm. Dr. Homeyer can give reasons for placing goats in the show ring in English, Spanish, German and Portuguese. He has written over 400 articles on the Boer goat and goat raising that have been published in over 30 magazines around the world. He presented over 125 seminars around the world including a special seminar on Predicting Potential Herd Sires from Month Old Baby Bucks. His current research interests include extrapolation of physical traits from the observation of other traits and evaluation of caprine hair coats as an indication of proper glandular function to predict a strong immune system, fertility and maternal traits. Dr. Homeyer has a passion for the Boer goat and is internationally recognized for his efforts and international travels. He is truly a worldwide ambassador for the South African Boer Goat.

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