Dr. Reid Redden

Dr. Reid Redden is the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Sheep and Goat Specialist. His primary responsibility is to develop and support educational programs that benefit the state sheep and goat industry. Texas has the most sheep and goats of any state in the nation and has a long history as a leader in this industry.

Dr. Redden's programs are designed to provide solutions to current problems facing sheep and goat raisers. In addition, we strive to develop programs that will assist the industry reach new milestones. Educational programs not only focus on improving existing sheep and goat operations, but assist in the development of the next generation of sheep and goat ranchers. And he strives to bring all aspects of the industry together so that it work together to continue to build upon a vibrant sheep and goat industry.

His responsibilities do not have a research component; however, he serves as a liaison between the research community that develops technology and the commercial industries that use the technology.

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