Bob Buchholz

Bob Buchholz grew up in a ranching family with roots in the Texas Hill Country as far back as the 1850s.  He received his bachelor’s degree from Tarleton University and then completed the Texas Christian University (TCU) Ranch Management Program.  In 1977, Bob and his brother started leasing property to run Angora goats and Angus cattle. Looking for a solution to the ever-increasing predator problem, Bob and David were among the first in Texas to use and breed Great Pyrenees guard dogs to protect sheep and goats. With these dogs, they were able to expand their operations in the Hill Country and South Texas.

Bob and his wife, Mary, with the help of their three children, continue their ranching heritage. The family leases other land in Crockett, Val Verde, Sutton and Erath Counties where commercial meat goats are the centerpiece of their operation along with cattle. Using rotational grazing, prescribed burning, trapping and livestock protection dogs to improve the land overall are essential components of Bob and Mary's ranching operation.

In 2008, Bob received the Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers Association (TSGRA) Young Ranchers Award. He is the AGF representative on the ASI Executive Board of Directors. He has served on the Eldorado Divide Soil and Water Conservation Board, as a TSGRA director, is a past president of the Edwards Plateau Prescribed Burn Association, is the Chairman of the TSGRA Meat Goat Committee, and is the current president of the Schleicher County Predator Association.

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