Elizabeth Henning

Elizabeth Henning (Betty) A Colorado native, Betty grew up with horses and livestock, including sheep, hogs and Holstein dairy cattle. Her brother and sister and family still live on the family ranch in western Colorado where the family settled in 1905.

Betty received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder and her graduate work was completed at the University of Missouri and the University of Nebraska. A highlight of her life was a year spent doing archaeological research in the Republic of the Sudan following her graduation from CU. Professionally, she spent 25 years working as an historic preservation consultant in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota.

After moving to Arizona in 1991, Betty taught Middle School and Community College in beautiful Cochise County in southeastern Arizona.

Betty’s involvement in dairy goats began when she and her family moved from Nebraska to Iowa in 1979. Two backyard goats developed into 4-H projects and a commercial dairy. She now maintains a small herd (10-15 milkers) of Saanens, the breed she has worked with from the beginning of her goat venture. The Springfield Oaks Saanen herd has produced many champions and has been on milk test and done type appraisal since the mid-1980’s.

Betty has been an ADGA judge since 1992 and worked as a linear appraiser for ADGA for 25 years, retiring in 2018. She serves ADGA District VI as a director and is currently also a member of ADGA’s Executive Committee. Appraising dairy goats and judging both dairy and meat goats has taken her to every state except Hawaii. Betty produces Saanen seed stock for show and dairy, and her dairy wethers are marketed as meat animals.

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