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Stan Potratz and his wife both grew up on small (by today’s standards) Iowa farms. Their parents had gardens, chickens, pigs, cows and sheep. Stan’s father switched to “organic” in the 1950s—40 years before “organic” was either popular or profitable. Stan spent his last two college years in England. After graduation (1969), he managed the college’s organic farm. They raised beef and dairy cattle, chickens, (as many as 1,200 hens), sheep, vegetables and soft fruit for the college’s kitchen. In 1977, he returned from England to the small Iowa family farm and decided to raise commercial lambs.

He discovered that the excellent equipment he had used in England wasn’t available in the USA. So he imported enough for his family’s use. Word spread. Soon they were supplying products nationwide. It’s now a business with 48 employees. and CEO.

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The National Livestock Producers Association Sheep & Goat Fund

The NLPA Sheep and Goat Fund made its first loan in September 2000. Since that time the fund has made more than $27 million in low-interest loans with flexible terms to producers to enhance operations that deal with sheep and goats and their products. Those loans have gone to 57 borrowers in 27 states, notes Scott Stuart, NLPA President and CEO.

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