Research Project Support – Feasibility Study to Explore Increasing Goat Carcasses Size:

Mr. Ron Durre
Mr. Gamal Zayed
Dr. Ken McMillin
Dr. Frank Pinkerton

RE: Your Value Added Project Proposal
Feasibility Study to Explore Increasing Goat Carcasses Size

Dear Mr. Durre et al

The mission of the American Goat Federation (AGF) is to assist producers and their organizations from all segments of the goat industry, including dairy, fiber and meat to achieve maximum success in their enterprises. We recognize that there are significant factors that limit the ability of commercial meat goat producers to reach their markets and achieve a profit margin adequate for remaining in business.

AGF strongly supports the above feasibility study. Simply increasing rate-of-gain for meat goats would have a tremendous impact on meat goat production in the United States. Studying the acceptance of ready-to-cook-and eat meat goat products would add valuable information that would assist in developing this type of market to non-ethnic groups. In addition, this effort would not only assist meat goat producers, but would be of benefit to all goat producers as they also market some of their animals in the meat channel.

Because of the potential benefit, AGF hopes that you will act favorably to assist with this project. Thank you for your consideration.


Kenneth Andries, President
June 29, 2016

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