Research Project Support – Determination of Copper, Zinc and Selenium Requirements for Growing Goats:

TO:  Dr. Antonio McLaren, Ed.D., National Program Leader
Division of Community and Education, NIFA, USDA
4435 Waterfront Centre
800 9th Street, SW
Washington DC 20024


PROPOSAL:  Determination of copper, Zinc and Selenium Requirements for Growing Goats sand Identification of Suitable Biomarkers

INSTITUTIONS:  Langston University, University of Arkansas, Middle Tennessee State University; Dr. Steve Hart, et al


Dear Dr. McLaren:

The mission of the American Goat Federation (AGF) is to assist producers and their organizations from all segments of the goat industry, including dairy, fiber and meat to achieve maximum success in their enterprises. We recognize that research is an important asset for the goat industry and any meaningful research results that we can make available to producers will improve the profitability of their goat enterprises.

AGF strongly supports the above proposal.  Access to more comprehensive and accurate information about the nutritional requirements of goats would benefit all producers in the goat industry.  The American Goat Federation believes this is an important area of study; not only from an economic perspective, but also from a concern to maintain proper health on domestic goat population.

Because of the potential high level of benefit, AGF hopes that you will act favorably to assist with this project.  Thank you for your consideration.


Kenneth Andries, President

March 12, 2016

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