AGF Predator Control Policy Statement:

The American Goat Federation (AGF) recognizes that wildlife is a valuable public resource.  We also recognize that wildlife must be managed in a responsible and legal manner to minimize damage to agriculture and private property and to reduce risks to public health and safety.

AGF believes in local collaboration for decision making on predator management.  AGF encourages state and federal agencies to establish coalitions with livestock owners and associations, sportsmen, and wildlife organizations to work cooperatively with state wildlife agencies.  These entities should act to coordinate and implement effective predator-management programs for the benefit of wildlife populations, environmental needs and the livestock industry.

AGF recognizes that accurate predator-loss data is essential for assessing the impact of predation and supports continued funding for Wildlife Services (WS) to collect and report accurate, total, predator-loss data.

AGF supports livestock owner’s rights to protect personal property, livestock and persons as is deemed legal by individual state laws.  We encourage states to re-approve traditional methods of predator control and support the research and development of new technologies, including biological, behavioral and alternative controls to reduce depredation.

AGF recognizes that both corrective and preventative control methods are essential to an effective Integrated Predator Management Program.

The American Goat Federation opposes any legislation and/or initiative that restrict control and management options used by livestock owners to protect their personal property, livestock and persons from any and all depredating animals.

Adopted:  August 23,  2012


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