AGF Activities

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 in conjunction with the American Sheep Industry Association Convention
Scottsdale Plaza Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona.

8:00 am - Noon: AGF Business Meeting (all members are welcome to attend)
Agenda Includes:
A. Finalization of RFID Scrapie Tag Field Trial Plan for Producer Outreach.
B. Accept 2020 Budget.
C. Elect Officers.
D. Plan Summer Face-to-Face Meeting.
E. Outline of Goat Industry Development Committee proposal from Anita Dahnke and Dr. Frank Pinkerton, focusing on:

  • Increased goat production in the US,
  • development of better market infrastructure including marketing sites/facilities nationwide and sharing requests from specific wholesalers wanting domestic goat meat from slaughter facilities and dairy products from creameries, etc.,
  • education and provision of tools to current and prospective producers in rural areas about how to reduce input costs and make small scale goat meat, dairy products, and fiber production profitable,
  • increased number of goat-harvesting facilities closer to regional areas of goat production (as well as increasing numbers of existing slaughter plants to add goat processing).

1:00 pm - 6:00 pm: Small Ruminant Vaccine Development Roundtable co-sponsored by the American Goat Federation and American Goat Initiative
Attendees Include:
Bob Buchholz, President of AGF, AGF representative on the American Sheep Industry Assoc Executive Board, and Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers Association representative on the AGF Board
Tom Boyer, President of American Goat Initiative and AGF Director
Randy Dusek, Sec/Treasurer AGF, and American Boer Goat Association representative on the AGF Board
Jan Carlson, AGF Director and American Dairy Goat Association representative on the AGF Board
Anita Dahnke, Executive Director AGF
Dr. Reid Redden, AGF Advisory Council; Texas A&M Agri Life Extension Svc
Peter Orwick, Executive Director American Sheep Industry Association
Dr. Randall Berrier, Sr. Vice President – Scientific Affairs at Colorado Serum
Dr. Paul Plummer, Iowa State University Associate Professor. Vet Diagnostic & Production Animal Medicine
Dr. Roselle Busch, UC Davis (assistant specialist-cooperative extension sheep & health herd production), who helped establish the antimicrobial use and stewardship program in California
Representative from United States Animal Health Association

Dr. Jim Miller – Louisiana retired –
Dr. Stephen White, USDA/ARS
Dr. Diane Sutton, USDA/APHIS
Dr. Natalie Urie, USDA/NAHMS
Corlena Patterson, Executive Director, Canadian Sheep Federation
Allan Ribbink, Chairman - Canadian Sheep Federation
Morgan Moore, Vice-Chair - Canadian Sheep Federation

The Following are Maybes:
Dr. Gary Newton, AGF Director and head of International Goat Center, Prairie View
Benny Cox, President of American Sheep Industry Association

Details of Previous Annual Meetings

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